Kimi to Boku - Part 1
 * The pictures in Part 1 are drafts.

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1 夜空に流れる天の川・・・ The River of Heaven, flowing in the night sky.
2 その東岸に住む天帝の娘、織姫は、いつも、独り寂しく天の羽衣を織っていました
On the east side of the River lived Orihime(Vega), the daughter of the Emperor of Heaven. Orihime had been alone and lonely weaving the robe made of feathers.
3 それを可哀相に思った天帝は、川の西岸に住む彦星との結婚を勧めました
The Emperor feeling sorry for her, advised her to marry a young man named Hikoboshi(Altair), living at the west side of the River.
4 織姫と彦星は、すぐに愛し合う様になり、幸せな日々をおくりました Before long they fell in love with each other and spent many happy days together.
5 その幸せは、織姫が羽衣を織ることすら忘れてしまうほどでした
Orihime forgot to weave her robe because she was so happy.
6 天帝は、羽衣を織らなくなった織姫を激しく怒り
The Emperor was very angry at her forgettin her duty. He separated the lovers.
7 2人を引き裂いたのは、夜空に流れる天の川 The River of Heaven, shining at night, separated the lovers.
8 遠くに姿は見えるけど、見つめ合うことすら出来ない2人・・ They could observe each other's presence from afar, but could not gaze into each other's eyes.
9 川の岸辺で悲しみに暮れる織姫 Orihime wept her eyes out at the side of the River.
10 天帝は、そんな2人に、少しの時間だけ逢うことを許しました The Emperor of Heaven allowed them to meet only for a short moment.
11 1年に、たったの一度だけ・・・ Only once a year...
12 七夕の日、天の川には綺麗な橋が架かり On July 7th, called Tanabata, a beautiful bridge was formed on the
River of Heaven.
13 そして、2人は限られた時間の中で愛を確かめ合うのでした・・ The lovers could meet and stay together only for a short period of time.
14 また、離ればなれになっても、忘れないように・・


To remember each other while being separated...

To remember your warmth and your heart...

15 7月7日は、七夕の日、愛する2人の再会の日・・ July 7th,Tanabata, is a memorial day for lovers meeting again.
16 この話を知る人々は、その日になると夜空を見上げ


On that day, the people who know the tale would look up in the night sky and felt joy as if they were themselves like the two lovers and cougratulated their reunion.
17 その夜は、人々の忘れてしまった優しい心すら思い出させてくれる日・・ That night serves to remind everyone of the tenderness of mankind that we have all forgotten.
18 夜空に流れる天の川には、そんなお伽噺があるのです The River of Heaven, flowing in the night sky, has such a fairy tale.

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