April 1-30

Be bold and enterprising in business this month as you are about to enter a new phase of tomorrow, which increases your earning potential. Don’t push things too hard if agreements aren’t going your way, as this is a time for change of location, business plans and strategy. In romance, keep a careful watch on your partner if you are a man because it indicates possibilities for many Aries people to be duped by their lover who may be having a secret affair. Should this not be case then an element of dishonesty is at work where communications are concerned since there is an element of insincerity operating.


Financially you are bold and enterprising. Your best talent involves practical things and the ability to collect and receive rewards for your hard work. Your kindness and gentle but forceful manners make customers want to keep coming back to you again and again. In romance things are more hot and aggressive than usual and you may find your partner or the one you love more aroused during this period. Take care to devote some of your kind attention to them. You shall be rewarded for it. Not in a relationship and still wondering what is around the corner? Don’t worry; things are about to make a change for the better next month.


Gemini is having a more difficult time tending to personal matters, which are more likely to be neglected during this month. This is because of the problems, which occurred last month that still require your attention. If you feel like you are getting nowhere fast and ‘spinning your wheels’ without moving it is probably so because this is the case. Call for technical help or back up rather than trying to worry about your budget or save money. There are rewards to be seen financially that bring you success should you follow this advice as you will find things are able to be done in a more efficient and skilled manner which other people certainly notice. Partners are likely to be the cause of your current financial success and ask for their help if you think you can’t do it all by yourself.


Cancer tends to overindulge during this month as you may have noticed yourself doing sometime in the past month also. Beware of secret enemies who try to undermine you in gossip and backbiting. Avoid these areas at all costs and don’t pay much attention to negative things that others may be saying. Much of it is because of jealously regarding your inner talent and ability to care for others in a kind way, which they are incapable of doing. These sudden things you hear regarding such behavior which seemed to quiet down since Mercury has already separated from Uranus and having been in quiet Pisces has now in noisy Aries. However this kind of speech is more likely to result in lies being told. So watch your back. I told you so.Partnerships and romantic affairs are part of the gossip, so keep your caring affairs with those whom you deal with discreet and no one will every know.


Leo moves into an area of attraction towards another, which is not reality but tends to be fantasy. Dreaming about that special someone whom you would like to meet will not bring success in the real world but it is ok to indulge in fantasy from time to time. Just don’t let it alter your realistic expectations or behavior.
You are ruled by the Sun, which is in bold Aries at the moment where it has strength. This is especially true should you decide to move towards higher study or philosophical pursuits, which help you to understand the link between things in heaven and how they affect things on earth. Romantic encounters in public places involving sports and at work are more likely to bring you reward especially non-water sports which are outdoors, such as a jog through the park.
Get up early and let go of some of that aggressive energy. As the King or Queen of the signs you will be more noticed and get other’s attention.


Your partner or you tend to be more open month as Mercury, your ruler moves its way out of illusive Pisces and into Aries where it comes over too loud. This is especially true if communication involves mundane day to day work matters or matters related to health.
Just be patient, as Mercury does not communicate well in a fire sign. Career change or slow down is noted and if you have just moved into a new job, expect longevity in this position with no need for a change. You may have a strong attraction to the opposite sex outside your relationship this month but it is purely physical with no intent for lasting permanency.


Rewards from relationships are certainly hot this month for Libra as your ruler moves into Aries. But be careful. Venus in this sign indicates a tendency towards illicit affairs and matters to do with ‘pay for love’ from your pocket rather than sincerity. So it is purely physical. Don’t dream this month of a new encounter that is going to bring you back to balance and restore harmony as this can only be found within yourself. I career you are successful and make unexpected financial gain. Off on holiday still from the previous lunar New Year? Time to get back to work and reap those financial rewards you have been longing for.


Your planetary ruler Mars has not only moved out of your opposite sign, but is in the house of aggression and open enemies this month. However you are still able to cool things down since Mars gets along well with Venus bringing peace to the matter. This is likely to be some tension, which has been building up at work that needs to be let out. If at home then it involves mundane day-to-day chores that have been neglected and need dealing with. Tend to your partner’s needs and you will find that you are well rewarded as a result.


This is not a very successful month for putting things out in the open, which you have discovered at work whether it is some problem or some new, inventive idea. However things on the domestic front is certainly changing and now is a good time to remodel or beautify your house or abode which has till now been neglected do to your talent in the outside world. In romance things are certainly done with flair and are in full swing but mind that neglecting your domestic responsibilities doesn’t bring havoc to your romantic attachments also.


Your often-pessimistic outlook is seen in dealing with matters of children, pleasure, investment and risk during the current period. As Mercury has moved out of Gemini and is no longer exchanging places with your planetary ruler Saturn, you may find that communication is more behind the scenes and not as open as it had been previously, yet no secrets are being kept. However romantically you are fully charged and there is a new attraction around the corner or something which you have never seen before in your partner that comes to the surface. It is likely to involve new clothing or a new look about the person, which completely changes your impression of them for the better.


Those innovative ideas, which you have discovered, need to develop into reality if they are going to be successful. It may seen that some others disagree with your ideas and you may feel the sudden urge to ‘go your own way or do your own thing’ looking for a crowd to follow you. But in the current financial market with economic slowdown people out of fear are more likely to risk change and not take too many chances. Best to keep silent during this period, rather than shouting as you still won’t be heard. Wait until another opportunity comes along in which your ideas can be presented. In romance what is in store for you is shown if you can find that special caring person who can help put your financial house into order. Maybe you should have married an accountant? You may be putting too much money or attention in trying to deal with these matters by yourself and certainly need help here.


Financially things look fine for you Pisces. As far as yourself is concerned there is more of a feeling of being silent and not wishing to share your feelings with others especially if you feel you have been wrongly taken advantage of by a partner. Rather than making yourself feel better by going downtown to buy that pair of shoes you have been wanting why not just go out and have a good time?
You may find that a pleasure spot near water leads to a new romantic discovery with your partner or if things have gone terribly wrong don’t be alarmed as there is someone new around the corner waiting for you. Your career tends to be on top of the world this month so why worry? Everything that you have desired in the past is now coming its way.